sonya – and memphis the sausage dog – talk to claude about sex, sexuality, sex toys, and the passion and philosophy behind max black

Max Black has been a community partner with ACON since 2008, running workshops for lesbian, bi, queer and same-sex attracted women in their Velvet Lounge. Claude and ACON Here for Women are still proud to work with our fav adult store, running workshops, distributing our free Claude play packs, and generally providing our community – women, queers and kinksters – with one of the most warm, welcoming, sex-positive and inclusive spaces in Sydney.

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“You get to talk about sex all day. Even if it is a spreadsheet on butt plugs, it’s still better than doing a spreadsheet on something else … But when it comes right down to it, it’s definitely the passion and the philosophy behind the store, because I couldn’t imagine working at another store.”

read claude’s full interview with sonya (featuring the history of max black, the importance of sex-positive sex ed, spreadsheets on butt plugs, and why the velvet lounge is a “disco womb”)

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photography: viv mcgregor for claude & acon / lighting & memphis-wrangling: michelle ring & bruce from max black

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