We Fuck Differently

Wendy Delorme is a self-described neo-burlesque performer, Wendy is a subversive artist, film-maker, writer and queer activist based in Paris, France. She has appeared under the pseudonyms, among others, Wendy Babybitch and Klaus Engel, within néoburlesque group-  The troops Kisses Cause Trouble, The Drag King Fem Show, Cabaret des Filles de Joie and Queer X Show.

Lillian Starr is a femme burlesque performer from Sydney. Wacky and glamorous, her shows are a skilful perversion of ‘traditional’ burlesque, set to musical gems. She has been selected to create shows for the The Performance Space Sydney, National Gallery of Victoria, The Sydney Mardi Gras and The Vanguard and consults with many creative groups. Her performances are memorable and punchy, and reportedly provide good dinner-party fodder.


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