“The space I inhabit is in the cracks. I can either feel really nervous about that or I can realise that I’m seeing things from an angle that is uniquely positioned and that disclosing that vision from this standpoint might be useful.
It is important to stick up for difference and specialness because survival depends on it. For me that looks like sharing how I do that. Those who exist as outliers you know – for example gays, trans folk, the non-gender conforming – we have had to articulate our difference because often our lives often depend on it right?
Everyone is just trying to fucking find their way right? I wish it was a unique and special experience that I was having but it’s not…”

read claude’s full interview with casey legler (featuring the challenges of being a male model, the limitations of binary gender, and inhabiting the cracks in between…)






art direction: Técha Noble
photography: Jordan Graham
Stylist: Paul Bui
makeup: Sam Addington
hair: Jordan M

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