Betty Grumble’s Space Gurl Dance

“I am inspired by Betty’s ability to risk take and push herself further than she thinks it is possible to go. She is really brave and cunning like that, she’s not afraid to be wild in ways with her body and she is always striving for a state of utter abandonment through dance. It’s exciting seeing more sensual sides of her, where her frenetic movement cracks open new parts of her to seep out and flow.”

Read Claude’s full interview with Betty Grumble (aka Emma Maye Gibson & featuring the mysterious origins of a feminist clown, Raquel Welch, and magical camp womanpower)

Betty Grumble Screenshot bondi pav1 copy

Videographer & Co-Editor: Dean Tirkot
Audio: Aaron Lyon & Ash Bee
Costume: Betty Grumble
Choregraphy: Raquel Welch & Betty Grumble
Space Gurl: Betty Grumble
Space Gurlz: Tanya Pont, Bella Louche, Vashti Hughes, Ash Bee, Gemma Lyon

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